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Down Under Auto Services is among the pioneers in quality used imported Japanese vehicles industry. We offer import cars for sale in Australia and have a wide range of high quality, imported vehicles in our inventory at competitive prices. All the vehicles are sourced in Japan by our own experienced buyers based in our head office in Tokyo to suit our customer’s needs. The vehicles have original de-registration certificates and complete history and authenticated odometer readings. We are an authorized Motor Vehicle Dealer and guarantee prompt delivery regardless of the customer’s location.

Types of Imported Cars We Provide

Down Under Auto Services caters to a wide range of clientele and is an expert in the makes and models of imported Japanese cars such as Toyota, Nissan, Mitsubishi and more. Japanese imported cars are currently one of the most desired car models across the world, and dominate the automobile market by offering the most reliable and convenient cars. There has been tremendous growth in the demand for importing Japanese Cars in Australia as well.

Our company also offers RAWS import compliance services and vehicle servicing and maintenance. We will take care of all the paperwork for you, make sure that your payment is secure, and ensure that you get good value for money.You can see our extensive list of approved vehicles here

Why Choose For Down Under Auto For Imported Vehicles in Australia

  • We offer a wide range of models and makes, professionally inspected and maintained
  • All vehicles imported come with 12 months warranty, and optional extended warranty is also available
  • We are an authorized Motor Vehicle Dealer and offer RAWS import compliance services
  • Easy ordering of spare parts and excellent car servicing under one roof
  • Spare Parts for all leading Japanese brands can be supplied on order
  • We offer a fast, efficient service to comply your import vehicle and ensure that the buying process is convenient, easy and speedy
  • Our team of professional buyers physically check the condition of each used cars and our workshop maintains all the vehicles before the shipment delivery
  • The delivery process can be arranged quickly as our related shipping lines secure safe & quick shipping delivery

We are your one-stop-shop for imported Japanese cars and spare parts in Australia. We are known for our excellence and dedication in the motor industry and recognized by our peers as one of the largest volume retailers of high quality, imported Japanese Cars in Australia. If you looking for superior quality imported Japanese vehicles contact us.