Selecting the Right Mobility Vehicle for Disabled People

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  • 06 June,2018

Today there are more choices than before when it comes to selecting the right type of mobility vehicle. You can find different types of affordable cars that can be converted into easy transportation for disabled people. It fulfil the the need of disabled people and also provides vast amenities. With various mobility options, how do you know which is best fit for you?

It all depends on individual lifestyle and unique mobility needs. These cars have modified adaptive equipment, foot pedals and hand controls for making driving easy. It is manufactured keeping in mind limited mobility of people with special needs. If you have a physical disability, find a professional who deals in selling disabled cars. If you are looking for disability cars for sale, Down Under Auto is your ideal choice. They are one-stop solution for all your mobility vehicle needs and offers a wide range of imported Japanese mobility vehicles for sale.     

Points to Remember for Choosing Right Vehicle Size


When you are choosing a specific model to ensure that your needs should match your interest. All disabled cars come with unique features for making the ride comfortable and secure. Select an automobile that allows you to get in and out in the most convenient manner. Thus, the different fleet cars available in various sizes are:



Wagon looks like old school car but, have more space than a sedan. It is suitable for loading as it has rear gate entry. The rear seats could be folded for accommodating cargo or passengers. These type of vehicle have ample amount of space for keeping wheelchairs and walkers



Hatchbacks and sedans have enough room area for keeping luggage and scooters. Consult a car expert before choosing a model and tell him about your needs and wants. It comes with 2 or 4 doors for making the entry easier. If you use wheelchair or walker, one needs a car with enough space for loading it.



 It comes with sliding door and ramp system that makes entering and exiting the car. It puts no stress on the body of caregiver or user when taking a wheelchair out. These are large and is driven by your family member, caregiver or individual himself.

Each mobility vehicle has unique features that works best for meeting your needs. The essential element is finding a reliable company that provides disability cars for sale. If you need any further assistance in determining which car is ideal for you, talk to Down Under Auto today.

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