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RAWs Approved Compliance Workshops

Vehicles that are registered under the Registered Automotive Workshop Scheme (RAWS) assures complete safety in every manner, be it pertaining to the vehicle’s body parts or its speed and performance parameter. Under this particular scheme, all motorized machines have to undergo rigorous inspection process before they are made eligible for importation or sale in the country.

 Why RAWS Approval is needed?

Down Under Auto Services steps in to offer you a splendid car driving experience. With its help, you can purchase your car from overseas and enjoy an excellent driving experience. We import automobiles to Australia’s automotive market and offer great solution to everyone who wishes to own a car. The best things about the vehicles are, all the vehicles are fully compliant with Australian Standards.

As a member of RAWS i.e. Registered Automotive Workshop Scheme, we bring to you top class vehicles and ensure you get the best designed, super performing machines which would meet the Australian standards.

The Benefits for RAWS Approved Compliance Workshops

  • The automotive industry makes sure that the vehicle meets the necessary national RAWS standards to ensure complete vehicle safety, anti-theft, emissions and leakage related issues.
  • It offers its clients complete value for money and ensures that they eliminate all kinds of loop holes.
  • They even offer excellent car servicing guarantee, consignment and RAWS Compliance so that you can trust them completely.

 Why Choose Down Under Auto

 Down Under Auto Services can help people who have a fascination for brilliantly designed cars with super driving controls.

  • The brand is certified and have RAWS Compliance.
  • You can choose from reputed brands like Toyota, Mitsubishi, Nissan, and many others among the list.

Down Under Auto Services, an excellent automotive brand brings to you luxurious imported used cars which you can buy anytime. Apart from dealing with car selling, they also offer buyers a range of accessories and 12 months servicing warranty too. To learn more information about them, just contact Down Under Auto Services today!