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People Movers Vehicles from Down Under Auto

As an industry leader, Down Under Auto Services is an accredited Japanese car dealer, who offers a hassle-free platform for customers to buy superior quality vehicles from reputed brands including Nissan, Mitsubishi, Honda, Toyota and others. We have an extensive range of people mover vehicles, SUV’s, MPV cars on the market. We also have 8 seater cars and 7 seater cars for sale in Australia, as well as mini MPVs and camper vans.

What is a People Movers Vehicle?

People movers remain one of the most practical motoring solutions for buyers needing to transport seven people or more on a regular basis. People movers are ideal for carrying more passengers than you can fit in a sedan or a wagon. People Movers are generally defined as being vehicles that can carry 7 or 8 people, so more than standard family sized vehicles equipped for 5, but not as large as a 12 seater mini-bus.

Most modern people movers are based on a regular passenger car chassis, which makes for a more comfortable and dynamic driving experience than the early people movers that were based on commercial vans. At Down Under Auto Services, we offer high-quality people movers for sale that will not only enrich your lives but also make travelling with a large family more convenient.

The Advantages of an 8 Seater Van

  • 8 seater vans offer many features and benefits that are not found in local vans, making them an attractive car to import
  • These cars are ideal for carrying more passengers than you can fit in a sedan 
  • They are cost effective, and the Japanese car models are stylish as well
  • An 8 seater van has the pulling capacity of a small truck but the comfort, luxury, and ride of a larger car
  • They are perfect for transporting families, but they are also great for fishing trips with the guys, camping expeditions, or moving larger items

Why Choose Down Under For People Movers Vehicle?

  • We hand pick only the highest quality unmodified, low mileage cars, which have been well cared for and we avoid the cars that have had a hard life and high mileage
  • All the cars are serviced and maintained in our own workshop and come with a warranty
  • We work around the clock, and we pride ourselves on being available for our customers all the time

As a Japanese car imports specialist, we have new stock arriving each and every month but if you cannot find exactly what you are looking for in our inventory, Contact us today as we may well be able to source and import a vehicle closely tailored to your specifications.