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If you have a passion for driving luxury cars, then choosing the car of your dreams would not be a tough choice. Down Under Auto Services is a renowned automobile company which deals with numerous leading brands like Toyota, Nissan, Mitsubishi and many others. People often prefer purchasing Japanese imported cars mainly because they come with sleek design and innumerable features. You get a lot of advantages when you purchase your most desired car from reputed dealers like Down Under Auto Services such as a wide selection of cars, special disability cars, top class accessories and a range of other services.

Used Mitsubishi Delica

Mitsubishi Delica belongs to a range of cab over vans. The four wheeler serves to be a perfect companion for long drives and travelers who enjoy city tours. They are comfortable, spacious and are installed with heated seats, automatically operable headlights, and versatile seating arrangements along with arm rests. It includes the same drive train and traction system of 3.0 V6 petrol or 2.8 turbo-diesel. They are light weight, easy to drive and runs smooth on any terrain. This special van is no less than a luxury car and it used to be sold only in Japan, but now you can purchase them at Down Under Auto Services.

Used Mitsubishi Delica vehicles are owned by corporate offices for carpool services. On the other hand, they are a great option for large families with 6 to 8 members. Apart from this, they can be used for transporting moderate weight goods like instruments and fragile items too. These cars have tremendous road capabilities and are reliable as well.  

Used Nissan Skyline

Used Nissan Skyline vehicles are an excellent touring car like no other. They are manufactured keeping the traditional 4-door luxury cars. In addition to this, they have a 4-valve dual overhead cam engine for power.

Skyline R34 25 GT: This one is the fifth generation car and which is also known as the R34 and has Twin Turbo engine. The new car is stylish and it has almost 50% firm body structure, it is also much shorter than the R33 model. There are several improvements made to the engine’s valve timing and the camshafts. The gears and controls are far advanced than the earlier versions and it helps to avoid all kinds of high speed accidents. This model was also the first GT-R to showcase a 5.8 inches LCD which would help the driver to receive detailed information regarding the car’s engine and other parameters while driving. Next, it also offers a top speed limit of 249 km/h.

Skyline BNR 34 GTR: This vehicle is one of the most popular model by Nissan. It is built keeping in mind the advanced technologies including ATTESA E-TS AWD system along with Super-HICAS 4-wheel steering. This car is commonly used for racing activities.

Why Choose Down Under Auto Service as Local Used Car Dealer

  • You get to choose from a huge stock of cars. If you are a new buyer and is a bit skeptical about what to look for in a new car then you need not worry. The cars sold here are of superior quality and exceptional design.
  • They provide you all set of accessories like power steering, AC, music system and others. Every piece is fitted well and these cars are no less than the newer ones. In addition to this, the interiors and exteriors look glorious too.
  • You get to perform a test drive of your super roaring machine and see how smoothly the car shifts and responds to sharp turns on the road. By doing so, you will get to know its performance algorithms.
  • Furthermore, you can carry out a leak test. This will ensure that there are no fluid leakages in the transmission.
  • Next, remember to read the reviews on the make and model of the automobile, so that you have a better idea about the car that you are buying.
  • You will also be provided with a VIN and the vehicle history report so that the automobile you buy is a complete value for your money.

So, if you are looking to buy an imported or used car, then visit the Down Under Auto Services website. They will furnish you with detailed information on a wide variety of automobiles followed by the purchasing procedure. The dealer does not only deal with cars but they also offer a variety of other services. So, go ahead and contact used car dealers located in Wangara to buy your dream motor car without further delay.