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Car Log Book Service – Down Under Auto

Down Under Auto Services is one of the most reliable providers of car log book service in Australia. To maintain warranty for new cars undergoing car log book services, manufacturers specify a high level of service. These requirements vary across vehicle makes and models, and, our team of experienced technicians ensure that your car gets the specialized attention it needs while maintaining your manufacturer’s warranty.

As an authorised service department, we can service your car as per the vehicle requirements. We will stamp your logbook as per the manufacturer’s specifications, maintaining your new car’s statutory warranty. All the maintenance work is done by qualified staff and by using appropriate quality car parts and oil. In addition to meeting your manufacturer’s specifications, a service history that is carried out by the book can contribute to optimizing the resale value of your car.

The Advantages of Log Book Servicing

A logbook service is a comprehensive service that examines your vehicle in the way that the manufacturer intended. Log Book service records ensure that your warranty stays intact as stipulated by the Australian Competitive and Consumer Commission (ACCC). The logbook provides a detailed plan of exactly how and when you should get your car serviced according to the manufacturer. 

  • It is important to have your vehicle serviced regularly because it will reduce your maintenance and repair costs considerably over the life expectancy of the vehicle.
  • By ensuring your car is maintained to the highest standard on a regular basis, the market value of your vehicle will increase.
  • Only genuine parts are used, and all parts include a one year, 20,000 km warranty as standard.
  • It also helps to keep track of when your next service is due.

Why Choose Down Under Auto?

  • A log book service with Down Under Auto Services will guarantee you an affordable service with reliable quality and outstanding customer service.
  • Your new car warranty will be protected by Down Under Auto Services because we guarantee the use of genuine parts for all vehicle repairs and maintenance.
  • We use high-quality parts and will service your car as per the log book recommendations and checks.
  • We will also keep you informed of any areas that need attention outside of these checks.
  • As an approved Log Book service provider, we will keep your logbook up to date with the required stamp.
  • We have specialists in every field of vehicle repairs so your car will receive all the attention it needs to be in perfect working condition.

At Down Under Auto Services, we complete extensive vehicle inspections at each service interval to ensure that your vehicle is maintained and repaired cost effectively. There are many other benefits of log book service; however, you need to make sure that you opt for authorized service centers only. Contact us today to get reliable car log book servicing from authorized technicians.