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Authorized Child Restraint Fitters – Down Under Auto

Down Under Auto Services is a renowned automotive dealer of imported Japanese vehicles. They offer qualitatively designed motor vehicles at competitive prices. The vehicles are imported from Japan where they have their own professional buyers. All the vehicles have RAWS compliance and they are no less than any luxury cars. Apart from car importation and selling, the brand also deals with an array of car accessories like car seats, and servicing facilities to help you maintain the motor in the best condition in the long run.

Every time when you get on your car with your baby, you need to ensure that there are essential seating arrangements already prepared for the child. Well, a child restraint fitting station from Down Under Auto Services is a must have for all motor car buyers. It is actually against the law of Australia to travel with a child in the car who is below the age of seven and is seated without an approved child restraint station.

What is Child Restraint Fitting

Modern cars have the facility of installing child restraint fitters and booster seats successfully into the car. These are comfortable restraint fitters that has crisscross belts and it prevents the child from falling off the seat. These fitting stations are a must because it protects your child in a crash and prevents him or her from bumping into hard surroundings inside the car. The child restraint fitting stations are available all across Australia. The trained installers can easily fit your restraint, but make sure to check it thoroughly. If that fails, then you can attach an anchorage point.

What are The Advantages of Child Restraint Fitting ?


There are numerous advantages of using a child restraint fitting station. Some of them have been explained below:

Reduces Fatal Accidents 

When compared to regular seat belts, the child restraint fitting system holds the baby in position, thereby preventing her from falling off or slipping down during unexpected jerks or bumps. At the time of any collision, the system immediately works and holds the child and pulls in a backward motion.


These stations are not very expensive. You can easily buy them at Down Under Auto Services and install them into the car successfully. Also, remember to choose a rear seating position which would allow the restraint to be installed correctly. In the case of installing more than one restraint, consider how they need to be arranged for effective use.

Why Choose Down Under Auto 

  • You can choose Down Under Auto Service and purchase this accessory from here to avoid all kinds of hassle in search of the product.
  • They assure to provide you products made of high quality materials and which will last longer.

If you are waiting to add some special child safety stations in the car like a booster seat or car seat for your little ones, then you can simply contact the Down Under Auto Services today. This excellent safety accessory will adjust the child car seats and at times you might have to make certain vehicle modifications and install them.